Dean Lake Cottage



In total there are approx 2 km of private walkways on the property. Explore the surroundings and enjoy the scenic trails.


There are many fishing opportunities. Please don’t forget to purchase a fishing license

Small hike (ca. 4km)

Hike along the Bayview Road to Moosepit Road and from there back to the house

Rapid hike (10km*)

Walk to the Medway rapids in Albany New.

Big tupper lake hike(14km*)

Hike around Tupper Lake to enjoy the nature. Approx. half way around the trail you will find a picnic bench with public access to the lake and the opportunity to swim. Treat yourself with a little break and relax before you complete your hike.

Kayak und canoe

Explore the Dean Lake and the McGowan Lake with a kajak or a canoe. In total there are two Lakes linked together and accessible from the chalet.

TIP: Visit the island „Kap’s” with kayak or canoe and enjoy a lunch on the picnic-table.


On the property there are various nice spots to jump into the water

Evenings and nights

Make yourself comfortable at the house and watch the beautiful starlit sky. When the weather is good you can even see the Milky Way

Tips for the Wintertime

After snowfall in the winter, the strolls around the house are extremely enjoyable. There’s plenty of wood for comfortable evenings at the fireplace.

* Hikes can be shortened by 3 km, if you go to Moosepit Road by car and use the parking facility.